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Trek to NeelKantheshwar



Long time after BhimaShankar trip,our next destination for rainy trek was NeelKantheshwar.


NeelKantheshwar is located on a hill top,around 50 kms away from Pune. Route to reach there is Pune-Khadakvasla-DonjePhata-towards Panshet, near Khanapur.

There is a small town after Khanapur (forgot name), where you will find a board which points to Neelkantheshwar direction.Small boats are available which will take you across river to another village,and from here your original trek for NeelKantheshwar begins! There is also a road to take your vehicles up to the destination, but the only feel of monsoon trek will come if you walk through mud and water!   😉   


River Cross to reach NeelKantheshwar Temple


We all friends went till small village, parked our bikes on riverbank and decided to cross-river and climb up the hill. If you go walking it will take around 1 hour for 10 kms distance as mountain is very steep. Rainy season is the best season to go here. 


NeelKantheshwar – It’s a temple located on hilltop; recently renovated and has AROUND 1700 DIFFERENT idols of various Lords. 


Idol of Lord Shiva near the entrance

Idol of Lord Shiva near the entrance


Sarjemama is a person who have placed all these idols and sculptures here. Stories from Mahabharata and Ramayana have been depicted. All idols are very well painted and maintained too. People belonging to near by villages are maintaining all possible things here. An arrangement for food and snacks is also available. 


Established and maintain temple

Sarje Mama : Established and maintain temple


We found very attractive places on the way; Many small, big waterfalls; A point where wind was at its fullest; different rock structures; a big pool of water (where I didn’t miss the chance of pulling everyone in water)  😉   Found variety of flowers and plants and stones. 


Rainy Windy

Rainy Windy


After reaching NeelKantheshwar, the first thing that attracts you is 12 feet long idol of “Sleeping Hanumana” at the entrance. All idols are very attractive; few idols are very rare, you hardly see them anywhere. Astavinayaka, Shiv-Parvati, SamudraManthan, Indra Darbar, Shurpanakha, Vishu Avatars are catchy! Photography lovers will find lotzzzzz of stuff. Top view of Panshet & Varasgaon backwaters is simply awesome. 


We were welcomed to NeelKantheshwar by heavy rain and wind. We all were shivering; but the joy of reaching and photography and lots of masti made us forget everything. 

Efforts for rainwater preservation are appreciable. This is ideal spot for rainy trip; one should not miss this destination.


On the way back to Pune, we found a waterfall and pulled everyone again into it. It was a great one-day trip. And don’t miss to forget your raincoats at home!




आज सकाळ पासून रिमझिम पाऊस चालूच होतासकाळी सकाळी तो छान वाटत होताबाल्कनी मधे उभे राहून चहा पित पित  पाऊस बघत राहावा असेच वाटत होते

मुंबई,पुणे आणि कोकणात मुसळधार पावसाची शक्यतापेपर मधली बातमीआणि डोक्यात मात्र मिलिंद इंगळे चा “गारवा“…वेळ तिथेच थांबवीघड्याळ पुढे सरकूच नये असेच वाटत होतेपाऊस थांबलाथोडा वेळआणि मी घरातून बाहेर निघालेअर्ध्या वाटेत पुन्हा पावसाने गाठलेआणि रेनकोट घालून सुद्धा मी चिंब चिंब भिजलेपावसात गाडी चालवण्याची  आणि कानात तुमचे आवडते गाणे ऐकण्याची मज्जा खरच  निराळी