July 12th 2006 … My first blog became 2 years , 2 days old … (Hehe)

I just began to write,stopped in between,restarted again…

The contents posted on my old blog took me 2 years back…how I got inspired to write a blog…

Old memories are always cheerful!

My post from my old blog , copy-pasted to this new blog :


Why Agnitej ?


AGNI : that is FIRE!

Agni” is a Sanskrit word,
Agni” is said to be the messenger from and to the other Gods,
Agni” is ever young,
Agni” is immortal!

There’s nothing in the world like “Agni”, so my blogs are titled “Agnitej”.

Yes, thats different thing that “Agnitej” is a part of my name itself !  🙂