Few days back, before my accident, had a great trip to Lohgad fort. Lohgad fort, as name says,is just like “Loh”-“iron” … so much strong,the walls the entire architechture and built of the fort is very strong.

Lohgad is around 50 kms from Pune, and approx.10 kms from Malawali station on the way to Lonavala.Although we started late in the morning,and had few breaks on the way,we were comfortably able to climb up and get down in day time.As usual our favourite spot on the Pune-Mumbai highway is Joshi wade-wale,and we never miss the paav-wada and tea in rains over there.After all pot-puja breaks,we finally reached Lohgad around 9.30 am. We parked our vehicles and walked for around 5kms to Lohgad.Although vehicles can go upto the foot of the fort.There is one more fort – Visapur nearby Lohgad. Also Bhaja caves are on the way to Lohgad.It was raining a lot and it was fun to walk in rain and climb the fort.

Different dynasties owned the fort.The fort is around 2000 years old.


As you start climbing the stairs,you can see the strong walls of the fort,tthe valley view was awesome.As we reached up,we saw the view of Pavana dam,which was great and photogenic.The walls, buruj,and doors of fort are still in good condition,still few of them are under maintenance.Main entrance of the fort is through Ganesh darwaja.

The fort was all covered with clouds,it was perfect season for such a perfect trip.At one point on the top,there is a waterfall which flows in upward direction due to strong wind.And that was the most most amazing spot,experience,everything…i was feeling like heaven over there…such a wonderful experience …


There is a polygonal pond (kund) constructed on top,which has 16 sides.It was constructed by Nana Phadnis.This pond has fresh drinking water.

Obviously rainy season is perfect for visiting the fort.Valley views are great.Heavenly experience….