Managing 24 hours of the day effectively is all up to us.How do we spend our time, how do we prioritize things, are we capable enough to follow timelines set by ourselves…? Many things!

Normally a conversation starts with “Hey, I didn’t find time this and that!”  blah blah blah !!! 

That’s it!

Here we need to think about managing our time effectively and to prioritize all tasks and goals set by us, may be for ourselves or for the organization that we work for. We play lots of roles in our life…we have lot of contributions towards the role we play. We owe few things/tasks towards our society, our workplace, our home.

Franklin Covey, provider of time management training and assessment services for organizations and individuals, suggest us to always “Live above the Line”.

Living above the line

Living above the line

You must always be able to differentiate between tasks that are “Urgent” and “Not Urgent”. I.e. you should always be in blocks I & II (please refer above fig.) Also you need to decide about things that are in your “Control” or “Not in Control“.

Simple things that you need to do to manage your time effectively are: 

  1. Use Single System: Use single system to note down things that are of priority to you. System can be just a notebook/diary where you can list out all “To-Do” things and simply number them as per their priorities. System can be your mobile device/palm device/your personal computer where you can type on things and simply put reminders and alarms.
  2. Do not depend on memory: While remembering things to do, do not depend on memory, just note down tasks, date, time, timelines/deadlines and so on.
  3. “Date” with yourself: Occasionally & periodically always spent sometime for yourself, you alone. Do things that you like. Decide and prioritize your long and short-term goals, revise them from time to time.
  4. Big Rocks: Define your key roles and identify big rocks (tasks) out of them. Give high priority to big rocks, rest all remaining are small rocks or just the sand. But small rocks and sand have equal importance, never ignore/postpone them; instead prioritize them.
  5. Thinking Perspective: Think from all perspectives. Think of all consequences while deciding priorities of your tasks.For e.g. just think what you want your manager to say about you at your 45th birthday; or what you want your son to say about you when you turn 50.And believe me, the things you want to hear from your manager or your son simply reflects you; how you were/are at things and managing them. 

Multiple things work for multiple people. Time management needs to be implemented at every phase of your life, your work and everything that you do. Time for recreation is also important.

The demands of the competitive marketplace put such a premium on personal productivity that if you are not productive, you are out! The increasing time demands of our careers are reflected in our personal lives as well. Everyone wants to be in control.

To be continued…