Recently, We friends had a one day rainy trip cum trek to BhimaShankar. It was like a kickoff trip for all further rainy trips.  😛


BhimaShankar , quite a famous place , 120  Kms away from Pune on the way to Manchar.

There is a beautiful temple of Lord Shiva which is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India. The temple is under renovation these days.


History of Bhimashankar as in puranas is Lord Shiva killed Rakshasa Tripurasura. The heat generated from their war caused the origin of river Bhima. That is why it is called Bhimashankar.


A big size bell in Hemadpanthi structure built by Nana Phadanavis is also a feature of Bhimashankar.

Various places that could be visited in Bhimashankar are Hanuman Lake, Gupt Bhimashankar, Origin of River Bhima, Nag Phani, Bombay Point, Sakshi Vinayak and lot more.


We had planned to explore the way to Nag Phani (नाग फणी)….after crossing Hanuman lake , a road approaches towards Naag Phani through woods and rocks….

We found lots of young crowd approaching towards Nag Phani.


The way to Nag Phani was thrilling…as if you are in heaven…through clouds and deep forest.

Bhimashankar is also a well known animal sanctuary.

A small tekdi which you see near the valley has a structure like that of  “Nag Phana”….That’s why this place is named as “Naag Phani”.


After walking for 1 and half hours with few halts in between, we reached Naag Phani valley.The beauty of the valley view cannot be expressed in words….it was just heaven! Clouds were striking on a big mountain wall….and moving upwards….

We were totally in clouds…clouds …. We were feeling those….


We all friends had a blast there…played games, took out snaps, singing and dancing, explored jungle and as usual I was busy gathering different flowers and some different shaped leaves and all stuff like that.


It was raining all the way to Naag Phani….but when we reached the hill top, rain stopped and that’s why we were able to enjoy the beauty of nature.


Rain added more fun to our trek.


Whenever I used to find water I used to pull everyone in it to get wet!  Hehe … I luv that  😛


After spending 3 hours there, around 4 ‘O clock, one of the local resident told us to start moving downwards…It will be dark very soon…. The way was through deep forest…


None of us wanted to come back…It was heaven!

My photography was going all through the way…All were teasing me for that. Hehe…  🙂


On the way back we all were quite silent…don’t know why…No one wanted to come back in the city , silence was felt from inside!